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Lilly Bella is getting ready for their evening out while Katie Rose watches. When Lilly's ready, they hug and share Katy's lollipops before giving each other a passionate kiss that makes them both feel energized. They stroll out to where Sam Bourne is attempting to work, hand in hand. Sam refuses Katy's offer to sample the candy. The females are not easily turned off. They unite in another passionate kiss, but this time it's for Sam's advantage. Lilly moves nearer, pulls up her miniskirt, and slides her thong down her legs to deposit it on Sam's desk when he manages to ignore them. Sam can't afford to ignore that. He gets up from his desk to stand between the two girls, who are clearly too attractive to play with. Without any delay, the girls undo Sam's pants to release his fuck stick. Lilly is busy kissing Sam, but Katie gets down on her knees and starts to suck him down. Then Lilly moves in with her, and together they move Sam to the couch for a real double BJ.Katie seizes the chance to crawl up Sam's body and mount his mouth while Lilly continues to suck. He is so good at making people happy that he is licking and sucking Katie's meaty flaps. As Katie slides back down onto Sam's lap, she's nice and wet, and Lilly helps her impale herself on Sam's fuck stick. Katie, rocking her hips like a cowboy, enjoys her stiffie ride and then gives in to Lilly so she can have one too. Then, while Lilly caresses Katie's titties and rubs her clit, Katie mounts Sam again in reverse cowgirl fashion. Lilly eventually gets a turn on Sam's mouth while Katie continues to ride. Lilly takes Katie's place for her own backwards cowgirl ride, and Katie She can keep lapping at Katie's snatch while giving her a good hammering of the pussy thanks to this position. As the girls tag out, Katie gives it her all by sucking and licking Lilly's ass. Katie rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs, beckoning Sam to give her a good, long kiss. He pulls out to nut all over Katie's twat, managing to wait until she is groaning and sighing through one more climax. Lilly leans forward, savoring the delicacy with her tongue and fingertips before giving Katie a kiss that is both sweet and salty.