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In order to pick up Katy for a night out, Ashley drops by her residence. Ashley asks Katy if she may loan her something to wear because her laundry supplies are broken. With great pleasure, Katy provides Ashley with several potential pieces to try out. Being a bashful person, Ashley turns her back on Katy while she puts on her clothes. Ashley tells Katy she has to go the restroom because she is almost finished with her first layer of clothes. The expert in fetish fantasies, Katy, recommends that Ashley urinate in front of her. Ashley is inspired to try it because Katy has always been a great friend. Ashley finds it more difficult to overcome her shy nature than to consider not being able to fulfill her friend's requests. Ashley's concerns and fears are dispelled by Katy's comforting smile, enabling her to eventually urinate through her friend's underwear. It appears like the girls will be spending the rest of the evening at Katy's apartment because Katy is eager to make the occasion become a memory.